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[you-di-moh-nee-uh] noun

1. happiness; well-being.


2. Aristotelianism. happiness as the results of an active life governed by reason.

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Experts in Kratom, Kava, and CBD.

We carry a large selection of Kratom, Kava and, CBD. Our Staff has exceptional knowledge on our products. They can help you understand and find what you're looking for.

Kratom, we have bulk micronized powdered kratom ranging from: .15¢ - 50¢per gram. We have deals on higher quantity orders. Kilos from Compass Eudaemonia are $150 per kilo or $40 for 1/4 kilo.

Kava, we have bulk Instant Kava at .60¢ per gram. Kava is a root from tropical islands that gets ground finely. It could be taken orally by eating the powder, or traditionally steeping the powder in a muslin cloth for a tea.

These are options available at our Store Front. You can browse our whole selection of products below for pickup or delivery. (delivery is not available currently)

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A look at our selection of Kratom Powder

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What makes Compass Eudaemonia Unique is, whether you have $2 or $20, We sell kratom in any amounts, with our By-The-Gram design, kratom is available at any price. We offer FREE samples on all micronized kratom. With that encourage all our customers and interested persons to try our selection to find exactly what strains work best with them.

Our kratom selection is always changing to the customers responses. There are over 20 strains to choose from. At Compass Eudaemonia, we have the ability to explain our product and their typical effects, mix strains of powder together to create your perfect blend, and even capsulate your powder for a small fee.

Compass Eudaemonia has the largest and the premium selection of Kratom, Kava, and CBD. Premium is not always expensive either. We source our kratom directly from farmers in Pontianak, Indonesia. It is also Third-party lab tested in the United States. This means our kratom is cheaper, and safer, than purchasing online.

Bulk Discounts are $0.05 off per gram!

Bulk Discounts are $0.10 off per Gram!

Bulk Discounts are $0.15 off PER GRAM!



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"To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.."                                                            -Buddha

Our CBD products have absolutely 0.00% THC content. All CBD products are completely Legal in all 50 states. By both State and Federal Laws.

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