Some people revolve around living an natural based lifestyle while others take advantage of the health evolution and breakthroughs in our modern society. There are so many choices involved in daily life, we are simply contributing in making some choices easier to access for our community. 

Our store revolves around the alternative treatments available today. 
Whether you have allergies towards modern medicine, disagree with the side effects they may cause, or generally are against them, we strive to provide for you the best alternative. 
There are a range of lifestyles that revolve around incorporating natural based products into their daily lives. The body is constantly working to restore itself in order to achieve that state of optimum health. Once the necessary steps are being taken to attain that, living a natural and healthy lifestyle will become a habit. While living healthy might not be the easiest task, we understand that the effects are undoubtedly worth it and we will work with you to help you reach a goal. Whether it is to lose weight, gain energy, boost your mood, or even reduce joint pain, we will be along side you every step of the way.
Every small step in the right direction adds up and makes the difference. 


Dynelle Gordon

This store is EPIC in every way! Top notch customer service, everyone is educated on the products they sell and the atmosphere is amazing!
Google Review 2019

Ryan C.

This is my go-to place to buy Kratom. Lab-tested and very high quality; this is the place to buy Kratom. 
Everyone is always friendly and they are very knowledgeable about the products they offer. The atmosphere is awesome; laid back, chilled out, but also professional at the same time. 
They also sell TONS of CBD products, all if which are among the highest quality. 
I've spread the word about Compass Eudemonia hoping to not only help out their business but also to steer people in the right direction.
Yelp Review 2019

Nicole Johnson

his is the only place to go for Kratom or other products in Nampa! They are the best people, beyond best customer service, & the prices are the best! Don't waste your money on smoke shop Kratom!!! They sell it bulk here & it's all tested! Phenomenal shop! The vibes are incredible here!
Google Review 2019

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We love our community, and we choose to remain local. Growing up in the Nampa area, we have decided that we want to establish a health and wellness shop that provides natural remedies to those who need it. We strive do give our shop the warm and friendly atmosphere of our home town.



Because we are a small shop, we have the ability to operate together. We feel like our service is more welcoming and whole as it continues to stay in the family.


We each grew up in the northwest region, (Idaho and Oregon), and continued our high school education here in Canyon and Ada county school districts.


Having lived in Idaho for the majority of our lives, we've grown very close with our community.


Business can be a tough path to travel, but the feeling of helping others comfortably improve themselves definitely gives a sense of fulfillment greater than ones individual self. 

We hope that through time, we can grow and better both our people and ourselves.

Thank you for your support!