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Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa, can be a tough find here in the Treasure Valley. While it has grown in popularity over the recent years, the Kratom kraze hasn’t quite hit Idaho yet. This can make finding a reputable retailer a tough find. When shopping for Kratom, it is a good idea to take three major things into consideration:

Quality- What are you actually consuming? Who are you getting your products from? Are you sure they know where it’s coming from? Are there any unnecessary (potentially dangerous) additives in any of their products? Be constantly asking yourself these questions to ensure you are finding the best quality Kratom there is. Be sure you’re only consuming 100% pure and natural Mitragyna Speciosa. It’s best to always take the extra precaution and make sure your Kratom is Third Party U.S. Lab Tested for quality! There have been several instances in which consumers skipped this and have gotten extremely sick from either diseases or unnatural additives put into their Kratom powder. Quality is always better than quantity!

Price- Don’t be heavily up-charged by the ridiculous “smoke shop pricing” of Kratom in your area. Stores can mark up their products at insane amounts, simply because they know how hard it is to find elsewhere. Do not fall victim to smoke shop pricing with generic brand Kratom! At the same time, be wary if prices seem too good to be true. One leading factor towards the price of Kratom is testing! It costs suppliers to have their Kratom powder lab tested for quality. When you see crazy cheap Kratom for sale, (often online, shipping directly from South East Asia) the suppliers cut costs down and did not have it properly tested for diseases or additives. Pay the extra amount and buy U.S. Lab Tested Kratom, but do your research to make sure you aren't getting up-charged by big name corporations.

Reputation of the supplier- There should always be a sense of trust between you and your retailer. It's important to find a business that's genuine, transparent, and trustworthy with their customers. Find somewhere that prides itself in their customer relations, somewhere you can go to with every one of your questions, comments, and your concerns. Find somewhere that will do their best to provide you with only the best, most reputable products on the market today; That will educate you on any and every single one of their products; And that will inform you on all upcoming events, latest research reports and most recent news stories on Kratom and the industry.

When choosing where you will regularly purchase anything from, these three things to remember will definitely find you some of the best products in the industry. Whether it’s Kratom, CBD, Kava, or any product that you're looking for, don’t settle for anything less than top quality.

Compass Eudaemonia

Kratom, Kava, CBD

345 Caldwell Blvd.

Nampa, ID


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